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We are committed to providing quicker access to analytics and information that enables our advisory team and clients to make smart, evidence-based decisions. Via our existing technology, and bespoke Business Applications, we allow clients to choose which processes and analytics are relevant. This means you can benefit from our services even if you have existing analytics covering other aspects of your business. As we extent our analytics you can automatically benefit from enhanced features for the Business Applications you use.

Our aim is to get you up and running using our processes and analytics in a matter of minutes. You can use or adapt our standard formats to undertake data analysis, and insurance, asset and capital analytics.

We take care of all of the analytics workflow and coding so you do not need to spend time or resource coding data or system workflow or coding analytics. You can focus on gaining the valuable insights provided to support your business and decisions.

We have secure, web-hosted technology, such that Zenith and clients can work seamlessly in the same infrastructure. This means that there is no need to install desk-top software or monitor for new releases and upgrades. We take care of all the infrastructure for you.

Our technology is built using the latest industry infrastructure and services to improve and enhance the experience provided. We keep it moving forward so that Zenith and our clients can continually benefit from technology advances, with fast reactions to market changes, and regular technology review cycles to innovate and enhance our Business Applications.

Our delivery of technology and Business Applications is growing all the time. Contact us to discuss any of the following:

  • In build data validation processing and tests.
  • Standard data formats for insurance policy data (enabling the rapid use of our analytics)
  • Data science processing and insights.  We are able to handle billions of data records and rapid processing.
  • Processing of investment/asset data, including standard industry templates (Tripartite formats)
  • Data mapping and transformations
  • Standard and bespoke assumption sets for use in insurance analytics. Our processes enable numerous “what-ifs” to be developed and used in an easy to understand and maintain approach.
  • Out of the box calculation and analytics engine to produce cashflow projections for insurance contracts. Enabling firms to use for Best Estimate Liabilities in Solvency II, IFRS, and other applications such as Product Pricing.
  • Standard stress tests pre-built, including Solvency II Standard Formula tests. Therefore, no need to specify these in additional assumptions or run-settings.
  • Analysis of change processes pre-built and standardised. Enables rapid processing of movement analysis between reporting periods.
  • Forward rebasing of projections (eg for future Solvency/Capital projections as with ORSA)
  • Ability to specify unlimited additional “what-ifs” and assumption changes.
  • Bespoke analysis and product features available.
  • Investment/Asset data processing, validation and insights, and use of machine learning
  • Asset analytics and application of stress testing. Solvency II Standard Formula stresses out-of-the-box.
  • Additional stress tests and “what-ifs” available
  • Asset portfolio analysis through “what-ifs” to changing investment mix, and assessment of risk-capital changes.
  • Asset reporting and QRT production.
  • Insurance liability and Asset calculations and stress tests to produce Solvency capital assessment
  • Risk Margin calculation (for Solvency II)
  • Out-of-box Solvency II Standard Formula capital calculations
  • Allowance for complex features such as management actions, loss absorbency
  • Balance sheet production through combination of Insurance and Asset analytics
  • Projection of Balance Sheet and P&L for business planning and ORSA analysis
  • Out-of-box allowance for New Business
  • Projection of Capital and Risk Margin, and other metrics
  • Use of standard data processing and actuarial analytics to investigate numerous product features and profitability analysis
  • Out-of-box use of New Business volumes and assumptions, and layering into analytics
  • Production of projected balance sheets and P&L
  • Insurance and Asset analytics to assist in development and monitoring of Risk metrics
  • Analytics to drive and provide information on risk capital and use of risk budget
  • Asset Liability modelling
  • In-depth consideration of risk categories such as expense, persistency, longevity, mortality, morbidity, interest/yield, equity, property, spread/credit, counterparty and operational.”
  • Using out-of-box approach to projecting forward Insurance liabilities. Including rebasing and allowance for future new business.
  • Projected balance sheets and P&L
  • Rapid ability to consider “what-ifs” and production of stress and scenario events
  • Pre-built visualisation and look through charts and templates
  • Ability to link into your own tools, and PowerBI
  • Production of QRTs for annual Solvency II submissions, SFCR, RSR, quarterly submissions
  • Standard monthly reporting templates
  • PRIIPS projections for use in Key Information Documents
  • Projection tools for new business illustrations
  • Tools for use in Insurance data experience analysis, such as Persistency, Mortality, Morbidity
  • Analytics for use with With-Profits insurance business, such as Asset Share calculations”
  • Services that cover all aspects of actuarial work

    Through a combination of Senior Actuary roles, retained professional services, consulting projects, and outsourcing/co-sourcing options, we support our clients and their actuarial, risk and finance teams across a wide range of regulatory, product development, strategy and M&A, actuarial modelling and analysis projects.

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