The development of Zenith has been founded on an experienced and knowledgeable team of actuaries and consultants that strive to provide insurance and actuarial services to our clients that are valuable and relevant to their business needs. In doing this we build and use technology to deliver the best results for our clients and us.

Our directors and senior actuaries have worked in a multitude of environments, from major insurance groups, large actuarial consultancies, and mutual organisations. We have the flexibility to work in different sectors of the market. We develop and maintain relationships with clients on trust, knowledge and an understanding of the increasing demands of modern financial services.

When it comes to our own business, we are focused on creating an environment for our people to enjoy the roles they perform and to offer opportunities for development. We aim to continuously innovate and improve our services through inspiring and supporting the people that deliver our solutions. These solutions are developed by working closely with clients and experiencing first-hand the changing needs of their business. We make agile decisions founded on knowledge and understanding which means you can trust us to deliver solutions accurately and on time.

Having worked with clients in numerous territories, and with different insurance business needs, we adapt our service offer based on the requirements of our clients.

Why choose Zenith?

We are an energetic and experienced team looking to work in partnership with businesses that are seeking innovative advisory and technology solutions. The extent of our team and knowledge means we can provide you with value-added support aimed at working with you to grow and develop your business.

  • Experienced

    Our people have the know-how to advise and understand your business. We can provide a range of retained services and Actuarial roles.

  • Innovative

    Our Business Applications can bring rapid insights into your business. Advisory services provide you with value-add solutions.

  • Flexible

    We know there is no one-size fits all, so we provide a range of different service packages to fit your needs.

  • Partnership

    We work in partnership with you, taking a collaborative approach to achieve added value for your business.

People who know the Insurance Industry

Zenith has experience in a wide range of actuarial, finance and insurance business matters, gained from the work Zenith does for our clients, and the careers of our staff who have worked within the insurance industry and large actuarial consultancies. Our clients and careers cover dealing with UK, European and international insurance companies, mutual insurers and UK friendly societies.

We can provide specialist advice to insurers writing annuity business, income protection, with-profits, unit-linked, life and pensions saving, and many more aspects.

Our business is expanding and our team of consultants is growing. The details below provide a short summary for some of our team of consultants.

Director Level

  • Andy Pennington

    Actuarial Director

    Prior to joining Zenith, Andy was previously the Chief Actuary and With-Profits Actuary for Guardian Assurance and was a key part of the management team in transforming Guardian to a closed book consolidator following its acquisition by Cinven, including the pricing and integration of several large annuity deals, large reinsurance deals, and the restructure of Guardian’s with-profits business.

    Andy currently holds Chief Actuary and With-Profit Actuary roles, and has a vast amount of experience in prudential/solvency reporting, financial reporting, insurance restructuring including reinsurance, cross-border work (European/worldwide), M&A, new business pricing.

    Andy specialises in Approved Person roles, M&A, restructuring and reinsurance arrangements.

  • Tim Bateman

    Senior Actuary

    Tim’s extensive experience covers working at senior positions in industry, at consultancies and within the UK regulator. Prior to joining Zenith he worked at the FCA, and before that as a Partner leading the Mazars UK business, and also a director at Towers Watson. His industry roles include acting as Finance Director and Appointed Actuary. His knowledge covers a wide range of aspects of actuarial and insurance business, including Chief Actuary and With-Profits Actuary, prudential and financial reporting, business restructuring, M&A, and pricing.

    Tim specialises in Approved Person roles, regulatory issues, M&A, plus actuarial and insurance projects.

  • Jeremy Nurse

    Senior Actuary

    Jeremy has over 35 years’ experience in the UK and European life and pensions markets and since 2001 has held various regulated roles for insurers domiciled in the UK, Ireland, Bermuda and Gibraltar, including several Chief Actuary roles as well as company director roles at previous employers including AIG and MetLife. In his most recent consulting role prior to joining Zenith in 2021, he specialised in advising on insurance company M&A transactions and other insurance regulatory work, including acting as a Skilled Person and an Independent Expert, in addition to holding several Approved Person / Chief Actuary roles. He has significant experience in the UK and other annuity and retirement markets, and has presented at several actuarial and other industry conferences.

    Jeremy specialises in Independent Expert work and roles, Approved Person / Chief Actuary roles, M&A, annuity business, including reinsurance, matching adjustment and equity release, plus extensive experience and variety of actuarial and insurance projects.

Senior Actuaries

  • Jane Parker

    Senior Actuary

    Jane has a significant level of expertise and experience in prudential and financial reporting, as well as a wealth of wider actuarial projects, such as finance transformation and M&A. Her financial reporting roles include leading on IFRS 17 projects. Prior to Zenith Jane worked at KPMG, and had previously worked in industry, managing a team of actuarial resources, and delivering year-end processes.

    Jane specialises in Prudential/Solvency reporting, IFRS, Solvency II, with-profits business, actuarial processes (including audit).

  • William Kiprotich

    Senior Actuary

    Will is another of our actuaries with significant experience in Solvency II, and prudential and financial reporting. He also has in depth knowledge of managing annuity portfolios, including matching adjustment processes and equity release business. Will’s experience also covers implementing internal models, and managing the use of Solvency II transitional measures. Prior to joining Zenith will was the Senior Valuation Actuary at Canada Life UK.

    Will specialises in Prudential/Solvency reporting, Solvency II, annuity business, matching adjustment, actuarial projects.

  • Mark Bowyer

    Senior Actuary

    Mark has significant experience and knowledge in Prudential and Financial reporting, including Solvency II and IFRS/EV approaches. He has worked in a number of large insurers and has detailed understanding of Actuarial Function processes, including experience analysis, new business profitability and reporting, Solvency reporting, standard formula and internal models, expense allocation and analysis. He has experience in working many different types of capital and fund structures, and products, such as annuities, with-profits, protection and savings. Mark’s roles have also involved the implementation of financial transformation/change projects, such as reporting processes, and actuarial models.

    Mark specialises in Prudential/Solvency reporting, Solvency II, annuity business, with-profits, protection business, reinsurance transactions and arrangements, financial transformation projects, and M&A.

  • Gemma Stonehouse

    Senior Actuary

    Gemma has worked in a number of UK insurance companies, including mutual organisations. Her experience covers Prudential and Financial reporting, including Solvency II, general Actuarial Function processes, and a wide variety of actuarial projects. Her previous roles have also included financial/actuarial transformation projects, including supporting the implementation of a large scale actuarial model change project. Whilst in Zenith Gemma has implemented a number of new business pricing and profitability projects, experience analysis, Solvency II, and M&A work.

    Gemma specialises in Prudential/Solvency reporting, Solvency II, new business strategy and product development and pricing/profitability, actuarial change projects, and M&A.

  • John Leavey

    Senior Actuary

    John’s experience has been gained in a number of multinational insurance companies working in the UK, Turkey, Middle East, and Asia. He has experience in working in start-up environments, and developing business strategy, new business product development and pricing, Prudential and Financial reporting, including EV approaches. At Zenith his roles have included Actuarial Function and Solvency II processes, business planning and projections, ORSA, and reinsurance treaty analysis.

    John specialises in new business start-up and business strategy, financial reporting and EV Prudential/Solvency II reporting, product development and pricing/profitability.

  • Richard Penn

    Head of BAU Services

    Richard is a former chief actuary with a broad range of life insurance experience. He recently led the IFRS17 actuarial implementation team of a major UK Life insurance company through the design, build, unit testing, and dry run phases of the IFRS17 project, before successfully completing an IFRS17 light parallel run. Richard specialises in strengthening and refining BAU processes.

Actuaries, consultants, analysts and business functions

  • Tom Barnish

    Portal operations manager & Actuary

    Tom has extensive insurance consulting experience, including developing Solvency II analytics, and designing actuarial models. Tom has a large amount of experience in implementing processes, and production of valuation work, for prudential/solvency and financial reporting. Tom’s previous role was at Towers Watson.

    Tom specialises in actuarial model development, implementing and onboarding processes, finance transformation, automation, use of systems including Visual Studio/Azure.

  • Maisarah Asri


    Maisarah is an experienced actuary with a wide variety of actuarial knowledge and skills, particularly in Solvency II, financial reporting, with-profits and bonus setting. Prior to joining Zenith she worked in industry and led the actuarial team for the delivery of business-as-usual tasks, including Solvency II, and many different projects.

    Maisarah specialises in Prudential/Solvency reporting, Solvency II, annuity business, matching adjustment, actuarial projects.

  • Tim Hill


    Tim has experience of consulting with a number of multinational insurers, providing product development and pricing advice. This has involved specialised product advice in the protection area, covering term assurance, income protection and group business. At Zenith, Tim has been involved in new business pricing and profitability projects, and financial and Solvency II reporting.

    Tim specialises in new business strategy and product development, pricing and profitability. He also focuses on process improvement, and Actuarial Function processes such as financial and Solvency II reporting.

  • Catherine Zhang


    Catherine has worked in a number of UK insurance companies, and her experience covers Solvency II and Actuarial Function processes, including with-profits, unit-linked and protection business. Her experience also includes asset management businesses. At Zenith Catherine has been involved in a number of financial and actuarial transformations and implementations, and the Actuarial Function processes needed to produce financial and Solvency II reporting.

    Catherine specialises in Prudential/Solvency reporting, Solvency II, income protection business, process automation and improvement, actuarial projects.

  • Andrew Luetchford


    Andrew has a large amount of experience and knowledge gained from working in a mutual insurer. This covers all aspects of Actuarial Function business as usual work, such as data processing, experience analysis, assumption setting, models, financial and Solvency II reporting, with-profits and bonus setting. Within Zenith Andrew has been involved in a financial and actuarial transformation and model implementation, and financial and Solvency II reporting.

    Andrew specialises in actuarial model development and implementation, specialist actuarial techniques (such as with-profits stochastic and closed-form), Actuarial Function processes, automation, and financial transformation projects.

  • Naeem Irshad


    Naeem has experience of working in, and being a consultant to, a number of UK insurers. This includes with-profits business processes and bonus setting, product analysis and review frameworks, and new business assessment. At Zenith he has been involved in Solvency II reporting processes, including asset analysis, data process analysis, and Group Life business.

    Naeem specialises in actuarial processes and automation, Solvency II processes and reporting, with-profits business.

  • Muizur Choudhury


    Muizur has extensive life insurance experience, both working in a life office and working in a consultancy. Muizur has worked in economic capital reporting, Solvency II reporting development, actuarial integration, model development and product governance. Muizur’s previous roles were at ReAssure, Milliman and Aviva.

    Muizur specialises in Finance Transformations and Actuarial Change.

  • James Beardwood


    James has worked in several different UK insurance companies and has experience in both IFRS and Solvency II reporting. This includes working on a wide range of life products for different providers ranging from very small to very large businesses.

    James has a wide range of experience and specialises in process improvement, model development and actuarial change.

  • Amy Harrison


    Amy has experience working in a number of UK insurers including mutual firms. This has covered Actuarial Function business as usual processes, such as financial and Solvency II reporting, ORSA analysis and business projections, with-profits reporting and bonus setting processes, experience analysis, process development and improvement. Since joining Zenith Amy has been involved in Actuarial Function processes such as Solvency II reporting, monthly solvency, with-profit asset share analysis and bonus setting, experience analysis, expense investigations, and process improvement and automation.

    Amy specialises in Actuarial Function/Solvency II processes and delivery, processes automation, with-profits processes.

  • Maariyah Khan

    Financial Analyst

    Maariyah joined Zenith as a graduate and has gained experience in Solvency II and Actuarial Function processes, process automation, experience analysis, with-profits bonus setting and asset shares. She has also been involved in data analysis, assumptions setting and valuation work with insurance companies and funeral plan providers.

    Maariyah specialises in actuarial processes and automation, Solvency II processes and reporting.

  • Bahadur Wasim


    Bahadur has been involved with work from a number of insurance companies.

  • Hana Palfrey


  • Christos Michailides


  • Jennifer Quinn


  • Joan Takaindisa

    Senior Analyst

  • Caroline Evans

    Office Manager

    Caroline is the Zenith office manager and provides support to all of the Zenith team including meetings, staff issues, management of the Zenith offices and services.

  • Services that cover all aspects of actuarial work

    Through a combination of Senior Actuary roles, retained professional services, consulting projects, and outsourcing/co-sourcing options, we support our clients and their actuarial, risk and finance teams across a wide range of regulatory, product development, strategy and M&A, actuarial modelling and analysis projects.

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  • Technology

    We have developed a data management, analytics processing and results visualisation and extraction portal that we use for our client work and delivery. Our technology insights and experience allow us to utilise and develop this into wider Business Applications and analytics for our clients. These might be one-off developments or ongoing subscription analytics.