Delivering Governed Analytics Rapidly into the Hands of Users

Zenith are committed to providing quicker access to analytics and information that enables our advisory team and clients to make smart, evidence-based decisions.  To support this challenge, we have developed evo-insight which is a suite of online, actuarial, and business applications and tools which provide the basis for true insight into the mechanics of the business.  Our aim is to get you up and running using our processes and analytics in a matter of minutes.

Via the evo-insight APP Store clients can subscribe for a wide range of business applications uniquely integrating analytics, AI, workflow, scalable compute and storage, and results visualisation.  These off-the-shelf or customised applications combine no code actuarial models, embedded spreadsheets, coupled with insightful analytics incorporating advanced AI.

As a web and cloud-based application, evo-insight requires no installation on local servers or workstations

No-Code Actuarial & Business Models

A suite of no code actuarial and business applications with embedded analytics covering all major sectors of the life insurance market.

Embedded Spreadsheets

evo-insight solves the main problems associated with spreadsheets by embedding them within a powerful evo-insight web application.

Insightful Analytics

A key differentiator of evo-insight is the powerful analytical capability packaged with the applications.

SII Market Data Insights AI Service

Powered by evo-insight leveraging PRA monthly Solvency II data, the service provides users with an interactive AI driven experience coupled with a Chatbot capability to source and visualise market insights.

evo-insight Services

Zenith manages all aspects of evo-insight and offers a range of advisory and configuration services in respect of the applications.

evo-insight Technology

evo-insight is an enterprise, hosted cloud solution optimised to leverage the scalable Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

evo-insight APP Store

Users can easily access the suite of evo-insight applications via the APP Store. Clients and Zenith Consultants can select the application that best meets their business needs and configure to a clients requirements.  Zenith is continually developing new applications which will be added to the APP Store.