Our approach is to work in partnership with you to understand your specific requirements and what you need from our professionals and services.

This could include approved person roles such as Chief Actuary and With Profits Actuary. We integrate our solutions with you via a combination of our people and our Business Applications. That way you can choose from a range of retained services, including outsourcing, through to your in-house use of our Business Applications.


  • Actuarial roles

    We can provide the roles of Independent Experts, Chief Actuary, With-Profits Actuary, and act as Approved Persons for your business. Our team includes experienced actuaries currently undertaking Approved Person roles.

    Our outsourcing and co-sourcing arrangements can provide these roles and wider Actuarial Function services, covering financial and solvency reporting, experience investigations, assumption setting, ORSA and risk support, ALM and investment strategy, and other actuarial BAU activities, including QRT and XBRL submissions.

  • Financial cashflow and capital models

    Our cashflow models enable firms to undertake rapid analysis of customer data, insurance liabilities and assets. Use the models for Solvency II purposes, IFRS, and capital (Standard Formula pre-built).

    We take care of all the workflow, coding and structures, enabling you to benefit from setting assumptions and focusing on the rapid production of results and reporting.

  • Investment analysis and portfolio management

    Use our services to analyse your investment data and portfolios. Automated reports provide you with data insights, and QRT production. Asset analytics and validation are performed on investment, and include Solvency II stress tests.

    Perform what-if analysis on your portfolio by changing asset mix, and consider how this could impact on capital and stress tests.

  • Product development and pricing

    Our advisory and Business Applications can support you with product development, incorporating different features by simply changing parameters. Combine our financial projections with your projected sales volumes to consider the viability of future new business and consider pricing and profitability.

  • M&A support and analysis

    We can work with you to consider the viability of a transaction, or assist you in a business sale. Our support covers due diligence process and analysis, general advisory support, business plan analysis, considering value creation (via capital management and reinsurance). We have a wealth of M&A knowledge form our expert team.

  • Data and customer insights and analysis

    We can perform analysis of your customer information to gain insights that support business decisions, such as sales analysis, new business take-up rates, renewals, claims and persistency.

    We also undertake analysis of your experience for assumption setting including motility, longevity, sickness and expense. We can utilise traditional analysis and also methods of predictive analysis and machine learning.

  • Asset Analytics & Portfolio Management

    Zenith Malta

    Our ties with the island go back many years. We recognize the opportunity of the Maltese market, and also understand the specific challenges that firms face.

    Our service offering is tailored to the needs of the market, recognizing the ever-evolving financial landscape of Malta.

  • Technology

    We have developed a data management, analytics processing and results visualisation and extraction portal that we use for our client work and delivery. Our technology insights and experience allow us to utilise and develop this into wider Business Applications and analytics for our clients. These might be one-off developments or ongoing subscription analytics.

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