Are you struggling to provide accurate, timely information for business planning? 

Finance departments are continuously seeking to support the business planning and decision-making process in a governed, rapid, and responsive manner. Much of the information typically resides in complex spreadsheets. Whilst the spreadsheets are essential to the process, they also create a number of operational challenges ranging from governance, change control, versioning through to performance. An additional critical challenge is that existing MI solutions do not seamlessly integrate with underlying calculation engines to perform critical “what if” analysis.

evo-insight has been designed to solve these challenges by:

  • Embedding the spreadsheets within a powerful web application for optimal performance even for the most complex stochastic spreadsheets
  • Incorporating built-in analytics to provide finance with interactive forecasting dashboards supported by advanced AI
  • Enabling analyses and projection of selected metrics over the planning horizon for a range of scenarios coupled with the ability to change key sensitivities and visualise the impact on results in real-time
  • Facilitating easy changes by simply uploading a new spreadsheet
  • Providing enterprise access across organisation
  • Seamlessly integrating to the underlying actuarial engines cash flows

All within the performant, scalable evo-insight platform, with built-in governance, security, and version controls

evo-insightdelivering governed analytics rapidly into the hands of users