The Bulk Purchase Annuity (BPA) market in the UK has been growing rapidly and is set to expand further with new entrants joining the existing participants. 

At Zenith we have a wealth of experience helping both new and existing BPA insurers with their complex actuarial modelling needs related to bulk purchase annuities. Our expertise has been embodied in evo-insight which incorporates a suite of no code, hosted actuarial applications specifically tailored to meet the analytical needs of the BPA participants. These applications are equally relevant for other life insurers and cover a wide range of actuarial functionalities including:

  •   – Transaction Pricing for annuity portfolios 
  •   – Solvency II Reporting – supported by proven liability and assets cashflow models and stresses covering all standard product features, asset classes
  •   – Standard Capital SCR calculation
  •   – Analysis of Change  
  •   – Matching Adjustment calculation  
  •   – “What if” business planning and ORSA with full rebasing  
  •   – Independent Model Audit and Review 
  •   – Longevity Analysis  

Unlike traditional actuarial modelling systems, all the evo-insight applications are available on a subscription fee basis and fully maintained by Zenith. These pre-built applications are complete with integrated data warehousing, workflow, scalable on-demand compute, results storage, and insightful analytics.  

Use evo-insight to rapidly bring governed BPA analytics into the hands of users.

For a discussion on how evo-insight can help you please contact Dan ( or Martin (