Spreadsheets are a critical component in actuarial, finance, pricing, and underwriting processes. However, these complex spreadsheets, often with embedded VBA macros, typically present numerous challenges related to governance, performance, automation, and ability to communicate insights to users and stakeholders. 

Recoding spreadsheets into a web application is one option but ITand SMEresource constraintstypicallymitigate this approach.  Zenithsevo-insightprovides an alternative,multifaceted approachby embedding spreadsheet within a scalable analytical web application. Theevo-insightembedding processis described below.    

Step 1.Embedding– Via theevo-insightplatform a spreadsheet is “embedded” within a web applicationallowing for passing of values to the embedded spreadsheet, recalculating the workbook and returningselected results to the user. 

Step 2.Replication of VBA macros– The embedding process integrates VBA macro logic such as iteration loops within the structure of the web application   

Step 3. Loading Data –Via theweb applicationusers can load the input dataand review   

Step 4.Auto Scaling– The application then runs on theevo-insightplatform which features workflow and auto-scaling. This means even the most complex analytical spreadsheets, including stochastic workbooks and valuation models across a large data set,can be run quickly and efficiently – in a few minutes at most!    

Step 5. Data & Results Storage – All input data and results are stored in evo-insights data repositories aiding auditability and analytics 

Step 6. Visualisation –Users can review the results via interactive dashboards, change data and assumptions and rerun as required to gain further insights into strategic and tactical sensitivity impacts  

Step 7.Generate Analytics & Reports – The application incorporates advanced analytical and AI capabilities providing deep business insight into the results.   evo-insight also comes with standard reports which users can generate directly from the user interface 

Theevo-insightismuch more than just a spreadsheet management tool – its comprehensive range of capabilities include storage, governance, versioning, workflow, visualisation, pdf generation as well as AI. 

For further information on how evo-insight can rapidly convert your complex spreadsheet into a scalable web application and how our team of experienced consultants can assist you, please contact Dan (dan.wainwright@zenithactuarial.com) or Martin (martin.sher@zenithactuarial.com),

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