Scalable Cloud Computing

evo-insight is an enterprise, hosted cloud solution optimised to leverage the scalable Azure infrastructure to provide processing power on demand. Often, when there is a finite amount of infrastructure to go around, it is the development and innovation that is sacrificed to enable BAU to continue.  evo-insight running on the cloud ensures that scaleable computing is never an issue!

evo-insight leverages Azure Active Directory for access security and has segregated tenant/client data storage. The analytics run on auto-scaling infrastructure providing virtually unlimited compute power to parallelise compute requirements (blocks of data, stresses, analysis of change steps, sensitivities etc) with fees based on actual usage rather than fixed infrastructure capacity.

Our technology is built using the latest industry infrastructure and services to improve and enhance the experience provided. We keep it moving forward so that Zenith and our clients can continually benefit from technology advances, with fast reactions to market changes, and regular technology review cycles to innovate and enhance our Business Applications.


As a browser-based, hosted platform, client users and Zenith consultants can access the evo-insight applications from anywhere in the world. This means that there is no need to install desk-top software or monitor for new releases and upgrades. We take care of all the infrastructure for you.

The Platform provides an integrated suite of services covering data repository, distributed processing, results storage, authorisation, notifications, pdf generation of reports, email services and others. Importantly the Platform provides process automation and control around existing solutions including EUCs, reducing cost and operational risk

All the analytics and services are exposed via secure standard API end points which allow them to be directly integrated via “connectors” with wider corporate IT eco-systems and in particular the Microsoft Power Stack (Excel, Power BI, Power Apps), Teams and their data scientist big data stacks (ADF and Azure Synapse), facilitating further analysis of results or for enterprise fully automated processing pipelines.

Equally, the API’s can be accessed from other corporate dashboards and workflow engines for instance embedding in customer portals.

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